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Über 4.500 Baumaschinen sofort verfügbar. Zertifizierte Händler. Jetzt Maschinen von CASE günstig kaufe Bring frischen Wind in deine Garderobe mit den neuesten Trends von turnover. Entdecke Fashion und Trends für jeden Anlass - passend zu deinem Style Futures Turnover = Absolute Profit (sum of profit and loss made on various transactions throughout the year) The turnover of options can be calculated by adding the premium obtained on selling the options to the absolute profit. Options Turnover = Absolute Profit + Premium obtained on selling the options. F&O Losses and Tax Audi

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If premium that is received is added to turnover the turnover becomes very large. I presume that the sale price in case of out of money option is equal to premium received. As per your link positive and negative result of trade plus premium received is turnover. Example. option sold 105 bt 55 profit 55 Positive figur Firstly the loss (140-135=5) of Rs.15,000 (5*3000) will be negative difference and added to total turnover. Secondly the premium received on sale ie. Rs. 135*3000 = 405000 being premium received on option will also be added to turnover. Hence in this example of Futures & Optios trading Total Turnover will be Determination of turnover in case of F&O is one of the important factors for every individual for the income tax purpose. Turnover must be firstly calculated, in the manner explained below: The total of positive and negative or favourable and unfavourable differences shall be taken as turnover. Premium received on sale of options is to be included in turnover For the purpose of determining the turnover in case of future and options, based on the guidance note of ICAI , following items should be considered to constitute turnover:- The total of positive and negative differences , plus; Premium received on sale of options is also to be included in turnover ,plu So, for the purpose of determining the turnover in case of future and options, for the purpose of 44AB, based on the guidance note of ICAI, following items should be considered to constitute turnover:- The total of positive and negative differences, plus Premium received on sale of options is also to be included in turnover,plu

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If you are investing in Futures, Absolute Profit is Trading Turnover. Absolute Profit means the sum of positive and negative differences. Eg: Loss from Scrip X is Rs. -5000 and profit from Scrip Y is Rs. 8000, absolute profit = 5000+8000 = Rs. 13,000. If you are trading in Options, trading turnover = Absolute Profit + Premium on sale of options There is a view that such value of the options on squaring up/maturity would constitute the turnover in case of options, though the better view seems to be that it would be the gross differences (taking the losses also as a positive figure) as in the case of futures, that would constitute the turnover So total turnover on this option trade = 90 +90 = Rs 180. I think for derivatives trading the turnover is defined as Settlement profits or losses (in case of futures and in case of option again same) unless you write the option and receive premium then premium amount is turnover where the 2nd clause of the guidelines comes into effect Premium received on sale of options is also to be included in turnover According to tax rules, the turnover for futures is the absolute profit made on trades, i.e., the sum of both profit and loss made on various transactions done in a particular financial year. In the case of options, the premium received on sale of options is also added to the absolute profit

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  1. Turnover for futures is the absolute profit made on trades, i.e. the sum of both profit and loss made on your various transactions throughout the year. In the case of options, the premium received on sale of options is also added to the absolute profit to derive at the total turnover. Now let us understand this with an example
  2. In case of F&O transactions, the total of all contracts sold is not considered as the total turnover. The turnover is computed by taking into account the total of all favourable and unfavourable trades. This can be explained with the help of the following example Mr B enters into two transactions during the year
  3. Premium received on sale of options is also to be included in turnover In respect of any reverse trades entered, the difference thereon should also form part of the turnover. So if you buy 25 units or 1 lot of Nifty futures at 8000 and sell at 7900, Rs.2500 (25 x 100) the negative difference or loss on the trade is turnover
  4. The total of positive and negative or favourable and unfavourable differences shall be taken as turnover. Premium received on sale of options is to be included in turnover. In respect of any reverse trades entered, the difference thereon shall also form part of the turnover. Here it is immaterial, whether the difference is positive or negative
  5. Options and futures are both ways that investors try to make money or hedge their investments. However, the markets for these financial products operate very differently
  6. For example, profit of Rs.6000 and Loss of Rs.4000, together (means Rs.10000) to be considered as the volume of turnover. Are books of account required to be maintained? Maintenance of books of account and Tax audit u/s 44AB of income tax is mandatory in case turnover from F&O transactions exceeds Rs. 2 Crore irrespective of loss or profit

As Futures & options (F&O) is treated as normal business income, so, if the total sales, turnover or gross receipt from business for the previous year relevant to assessment year exceeds Rs. 60. Receivable turnover in days = 365 / Receivable turnover ratio . Determining the accounts receivable turnover in days for Trinity Bikes Shop in the example above: Receivable turnover in days = 365 / 7.2 = 50.69. Therefore, the average customer takes approximately 51 days to pay their debt to the store Continuing with the soybean futures example from above, it would take roughly 111 of the above soybean futures contracts to hedge their position, or, $5 million divided by $45,000

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(iv) Guidance Note on Accounting for Equity Index and Equity Stock Futures and Options. 2. In March 2008, the ICAI issued an announcement that in case of derivatives, if an entity does not follow AS 30, keeping in view the principle of prudence as enunciated in Accounting Standard (AS) 1, Disclosure of Accounting Policies, the entity is required t Options and futures are alike but when you do an options contract, you can choose to not make the transaction. Income from F&O deals is almost always treated as business income So far, trading in futures and options in India was cash-settled. That means upon expiry of the contract, buyers or sellers settle their position in cash without taking delivery of the underlying. To explain it better, consider this example of Reliance Industries Ltd. , one of the most liquid stocks in the futures and options segment FUTURES GROSS PROFIT₹-2,94,578.75 OPTIONS GROSS PROFIT₹-52,697.50 TOTAL GROSS PROFIT₹-3,47,276.25 FUTURES TURNOVER₹10,13,383.75 OPTIONS TURNOVER₹1,97,628.75 TOTAL TURNOVER₹12,11,012.50 TOTAL CHARGES₹19,071.60. I have the below taxation queries and looking fwd for your response on the below

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In this case, Taxable income will be Rs. 6,300 [105000 x 6%] Tax Rate for Normal Business Income. Taxable Income: Turnover less Expenses Tax Rate: Individual slab rate A person can consider his intraday trade as normal business and file return accordingly Case study on the calculation of net profit on a Nifty options trade Let us assume that a Nifty trader buys 10 lots of Nifty at Rs50 and books profits by selling these 10 lots by evening because. The business turnover is the profit or loss in the trade. So here it would be 7,500. Futures & Options FnO Trading Turnover Calculation (for Income Tax purposes) The sum of the absolute value of the profit and loss for the trades is to be taken as the turnover. While selling the premium received is also taken as the turnover

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index futures, traded equity index options, traded stock futures and option contracts, and Commodity derivative contracts. This list is meant to be illustrative only and is not exhaustive. Scope exclusions. The guidance note does not apply in the following cases: Foreign exchange forward contracts covered under AS 11 e.g. Sample Business Case Theme as needed, by future business case development teams. The GKB business case team looks forward to feedback from the IT unique to option selected Due date of business case November 19 *Hurdle rates are the minimally acceptable fi nancial results. 5 Have a look at complete derivatives market in india with futures and option, most active calls, most active puts, option gainers and losers, arbitrage opportunities, etc. at Indiainfoline.com As is almost always the case, Binance has done a great job of visualizing its fee structure. Long story short, the default level (VIP 0) carries 0.02% maker fees and 0.04% taker fees. In order to enjoy reduced fees, Binance requires you to both hold its native Binance Coin (BNB) and maintain a decent amount of turnover volume (in BTC) High employee turnover can have a severe impact on your business, both financially and emotionally. If you suspect that turnover is an issue for your business, you should take steps to recognize possible causes of turnover, measure your turnover rate, determine turnover costs, and then address your turnover problems

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For example, the employer will experience more productivity in the workplace because employees will be less stressed, healthier, and thus, more productive (Wingfield). Encouraging employees to set work/life goals, such as spending more time with their children, communicates that you really do want them to have a life outside of work and achieve a healthy work/life balance So in this case, net sales would be [total sales ($8000) - returns ($800) = Net sales ($7200)]. Turnover. Turnover is the income that a firm generates through trading its goods and services. Sales turnover measures how much of the company's finished goods are sold within a week, month, 6 months, a quarter or a year Most Active All futures ranks best All futures and commodity contracts by the highest daily contract volume. Logged in users have the option to select a tab (Energies, Grains, etc.), In this case, the table must be horizontally scrolled (left to right) to view all of the information. To do this,.

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  1. Different Charges on Share Trading Explained. Brokerage, STT, DP & More (Updated): There are a number of charges and taxes involved while trading in India i.e. buying or selling of shares.Some of them are quite popular like Brokerage Charge & GST, while there are many others that the traders and investors are not aware of
  2. My total FO turnover for FY15-16 (both Futures and Options is 2,22,00,000, but my actual pnl is negative -1,84,980.00. Do I have to file the tax. I do lot of options writing so my Option turnover is 2,15,34,335.00. Please clarify me. Thanks. Regards, Kumar
  3. In this example, we define new hire turnover rate as the number of new employees who leave within a year. Your new hire turnover formula would look like this: A healthy turnover rate. Now that know how to calculate employee turnover rate using a basic formula, you can calculate your company's turnover and come up with a number

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  1. Are you looking for tips to help you reduce employee turnover? Competitive salary and benefits, flexible schedule options, the ability to work from home when necessary, workplace environment and employee treatment, and tuition assistance are five basics in employee retention. Especially for millennial employees, these are the holy grail for recruitment and reducing employee turnover
  2. ed date. The Option Forward Contract is entered into in order that the customer gets th
  3. SEBI turnover charges at 0.00005% on turnover in Currency Future and 0.000025% on turnover in Interest Rate Future. Read More. For example, the total value of The Futures and Options transactions will be charged at a brokerage rate of 0.05% and Rs. 95/- respectively for the first month
  4. Accounts receivable turnover is an efficiency ratio or activity ratio that measures how many times a business can turn its accounts receivable into cash during a period. In other words, the accounts receivable turnover ratio measures how many times a business can collect its average accounts receivable during the year
  5. Shift to options. While the ADT in futures segment on the MCX shrank by 28 per cent and 4 per cent in March and April, respectively, the turnover in options shot up by 47 per cent and 13 per cent.

The future is impossible to predict, but you can create scenarios of possible future outcomes. These can help you create action plans in advance. One of the pioneers of scenario planning is Peter Schwartz. In this brief clip, he explains the scenario planning process and gives a real-life example related to digital assistances Latest Update made on November 10,2017. With more than 245 million customers visiting 10,900 stores and with 10 active websites across the globe, Walmart is definitely a name to reckon with in the retail sector. Whether it is in-store purchases or social mentions or any other online activity, Walmart has always been one of the best retailers in the world For example, the report finds that U.S. employers will pay $600 billion in turnover costs in 2018. Companies can expect that annual cost to increase to $680 billion by 2020, according to the study

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Tax Example. Below is an example of what share trading tax implications in India could look like. Let's say your profits at the end of the financial year from day trading were Rs 150,000 and your salary for the year was Rs 350,000. Your total income would be Rs 500,000. In this case, your tax slab would be Rs 25,000. Collating Your Taxe As you can see, Bob's average accounts payable for the year was $506,500 (beginning plus ending divided by 2). Based on this formula Bob's turnover ratio is 1.97. This means that Bob pays his vendors back on average once every six months of twice a year. This is not a high turnover ratio, but it should be compared to others in Bob's industry SEBI turnover charges at 0.00005% on turnover in Currency Future and 0.000025% on turnover in Interest Rate Future : STT will be charged at 0.125% on settlement value where Option contracts are exercised: SEBI turnover charges at 0.00015% on Premium and Notional value for Exercise brokerage on 2nd leg in case of Intra-day square off is 50

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  1. It does not apply only to the rentals depending on future sales, but also on the future use of an asset. Just a small example from my own life - my son is farsighted and we visit eye doctor time to time. The doctor uses the special machine for measuring his diopters - it looks like a gun and the measurement is done with one push of the button
  2. Options and futures are by far the most common equity derivatives. This section provides you with an insight into the daily activities of the equity derivatives market segment on NSE. 2 major products under Equity derivatives are Futures and Options, which are available on Indices and Stocks
  3. Stock options are not recorded as an expense on companies' books. But the arguments for this special treatment don't stand up. Let's end the charade
  4. Brokerage is the amount you need to pay to the broker when you undertake a particular transaction. A brokerage calculator helps you calculate and compare brokerage charges for commodities, currency, equity futures and options, intraday and carry forward transactions
  5. e how emotional exhaustion and organizational pride affect turnover intentions. In addition, it investigates how emotional exhaustion and organizational pride are formed by job demands and job resources and how gender and.

In most cases analysts should regard management forecasts as a best-case scenario, and significant changes in the assumptions for the cash drivers must be made to reflect a less favourable scenario. Factors impacting financial performance 69 Forecasting methodology Many corporate analysts have PC-based spreadsheet software adapted for forecasting clients' financial performance Prop traders were 39-43 per cent in index options based on notional and premium turnover and retail players were 29-32 per cent. FIIs were 13-16 per cent and corporates 6-7 per cent Example. For example, a GBPUSD contract could give the owner the right to sell £1,000,000 and buy $2,000,000 on December 31. In this case the pre-agreed exchange rate, or strike price, is 2.0000 USD per GBP (or GBP/USD 2.00 as it is typically quoted) and the notional amounts (notionals) are £1,000,000 and $2,000,000.. This type of contract is both a call on dollars and a put on sterling, and. In this case, Zara proves that its decision to outsource its manufacturing process to other countries 61 has brought a positive impact for the host country, as we recall the example of India. Moreover, especially for environmental issues, Zara has committed to help reduce the emission and create an eco-friendly business and the commitment is still strongly upheld until today

Option Gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset at a set price on or before a given date. Investors, not companies, issue options. Buyers of call options bet that a stock will be worth more than the price set by the option (the strike price), plus the price they pay for the option itself. Buyers of put options bet that. An example of a Human Resource dashboard with headcount. Click to enlarge. For more examples, check the end of the article. Hygiene factor. A final note before we show you an example of the HR report: HR reporting is often seen as a hygiene factor The purpose of this paper is to examine and compare the differential impacts of job satisfaction (JS), trust (T), and perceived organizational performance (POP) on turnover intention (TI) in public and private sector organizations.,Draws on a sample of 311 employees from the service sector (129 public and 182 private) in the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Finance Bill, 2020 proposed to increase the Tax Audit Turnover threshold Limit by 5 times from the existing Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 5 crore. No tax audit by MSME if its turnover does not exceed Rs. 5 Crore under section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The changes in Tax Audit Turnover threshold Limit is applicable from ay 2021-22

Example of Financial analysis is analyzing company's performance and trend by calculating financial ratios like profitability ratios which includes net profit ratio which is calculated by net profit divided by sales and it indicates the profitability of company by which we can assess the company's profitability and trend of profit and there are more ratios like liquidity ratios, turnover. Nursing turnover is associated with insufficient staffing levels, which in turn can lead to job dissatisfaction and burnout among nurses and an increased risk for medical errors. The NSI Nursing Solutions study also shares that the average cost of turnover for a bedside RN is $44,400 and can range from $33,300 to $56,000, resulting in the average hospital losing $3.6 million to $6.1 million Future proof your Human Resources strategy: 5 critical steps. If you think it's important to have a business plan and strategic vision, you need a human resources (HR) plan, too. It's just as critical. An HR plan gets your people ready to execute on your business strategy and goals For example, skill-gap and surplus information projected during the work-force planning process enables any organization to do a better job in such areas as career counseling, training, recruiting, diversity and retraining—both for employees' needs and for tailoring such programs to the specific needs of the organization and its business units Top 20 Financial Modeling Interview Questions. If you are looking for a job related to financial modeling, you need to prepare for the interview questions.Now, every interview is different, and the scope of a job position is also different

He set the target of earning 10% profit on sales in the first year. As a good businessman, he was concerned about the future of the business, which was uncertain. He gathered information that the demand for chocolates is increasing day by day. He used this information as the base for future planning and shared it with his team In such cases, you can use the extend relationship and attach an extension rule to it. In the below banking system example Calculate Bonus is optional and only triggers when a certain condition is matched. Extend doesn't always mean it's optional. Sometimes the use case connected by extending can supplement the base use case

For example, a bank in South Korea introduced split operations for its call center employees to work from home on rotation. Those working from home handle new customers, or customers with general inquiries only, while onsite employees deal with enquiries requiring access to customer data In this case, the future method will get the old sObject values and might overwrite them. To work with sObjects that already exist in the database, pass the sObject ID instead (or collection of IDs) and use the ID to perform a query for the most up-to-date record. The following example shows how to do so with a list of IDs The Futures Wheel is a simple, practical tool that helps you brainstorm the direct and indirect consequences of a decision, event, or trend. To use the Futures Wheel, first identify what's changing. Then, enter each possible direct consequence of that change in a circle, and connect it from the central circle with an arrow Turnover occurs when an employee leaves a job, and the position needs to be filled. Turnover can be measured using a turnover rate formula. The time and cost you incur to interview and hire new workers can impact your company's profit and.. On January 15 and 16, 2019, the CHAMPS campaign and Center on Children and Families at Brookings hosted a national convening with the goal of fostering collaboration and information sharing. The.

In the world of business, the high rate of employee turnover can be a significant problem. Economic research suggests that for some industries it can cost up to one-fifth of an employee's annual salary to find, train, and hire a suitable replacement. If turnover rates are too high, this represents a significant sunk cost for the company that can't be recouped Future production and sales levels, work load, activity levels are estimated with an allowance of changes in organization, methods and jobs. The future ratios are estimated. Then future human resources requirement is calculated on the basis of established ratios. This method is easy to understand. Value depends upon accuracy of data IFRS 16 summary. Companies previously following the lease accounting guidance under IAS 17 likely transitioned to IFRS 16 during their 2019 fiscal year, in accordance with the standard's effective date of January 1, 2019, for annual reporting periods beginning on or after that date. Therefore, the standard is now effective for all organizations following international accounting standards The example financial statements These example financial statements reflecting the Companies Acts, 1963 to 2012 are designed to demonstrate the potential benefits and pitfalls which may be experienced when adopting FRS 101. A glance at the statements will show that although there are significant disclosure savings (particularly i

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Employee turnover is an expensive, time-consuming issue that many businesses face, but don't know how to overcome. We share 16 creative tips to help you invest in your staff and reduce employee turnover Employee turnover can have a negative impact on an organisation's performance. By understanding the reasons behind staff turnover, employers can devise initiatives that reduce turnover and increase employee retention. This factsheet looks at turnover patterns in the UK and when turnover can be problematic

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Case Studies - Planning. ESSENTIAL POINTS TO SOLVE CASE STUDIES Meaning of Planning Planning is the process of setting objectives, formulating various courses of action in order to achieve them, and selecting the best possible alternative from the various courses of action available in order to ensure completion of organisational goals level of healthiness, with green indicating both low calorie and low fat options, and red indicating high calorie, high fat options (Hurt et al, 2010). Similar initiatives have been implemented in the UK, France and the Netherlands, though reports indicate that the introduced food labelling has littl Case Study - Apple Inc. 1 . BS15079 2012). In order to capsize the situation a number of options was discussed, eventually though, music was chosen making process and assist them acquire knowledge and know-how, they are considered democratic (Schermerhorn, 2010). For example, in order to manage the marketing department. Best free sample assignments like economics, marketing, case study, nursing, cost & finance accounting, essay, HRM, programming, SPM etc., high quality contents. My Assignment Help. Customer Support + 61-7-5641-0117. support@myassignmenthelp.net. Our Rating 4.9 out of 5 based on 15243 Votes

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Financial ratios can be used to analyze trends and to compare the firm's financials to those of other firms. In some cases, ratio analysis can predict future bankruptcy. Financial ratios can be classified according to the information they provide. The following types of ratios frequently are used: Liquidity ratios; Asset turnover ratio Driving a progressive agenda on issues like climate, social inequality and the future of work. And serving consumers through our purposeful brands, which are more relevant than ever. Above all, this year has strengthened our commitment to being the global leader in sustainable business, and to showing that our purpose-led, future-fit business model delivers superior performance Less Is More. Less is more, fewer is better, and simple rules are the common mantra here. Eisenhardt suggests that organizations should have two to seven key goals, or rules, using her vocabulary (Eisenhardt & Sull, 2001).Such goals guide how the firm operates, identify which opportunities to pursue, set priorities, manage timing of actions, and even inform business exit decisions Financial metrics reveal aspects of financial data not easy to see from a simple data review. These include cash flow metrics such as NPV or IRR for analyzing outcomes of investments and actions, and financial statement metrics (Business Ratios) such as EPS and ROA for analyzing financial position and performance The average employee turnover rate of all U.S. industries is 22%. In some cases, this turnover is healthy for your organization because you're losing low performers (i.e. problem staff or those not willing to improve) and this can positively impact everything from employee engagement to productivity and profits

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a complex disease impacting more than twenty million individuals in the United States. Progression of CKD is associated with a number of serious complications, including increased incidence of cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, anemia and metabolic bone disease Part One: DVD Case Overview I. DVD Case Focus The central concept of the DVD case is Social Responsibility at Starbucks. II. DVD Case's Main Topics/Sources of Information • This information in this case was presented by Mr. Dub Hay, Starbucks' Senior Vice President of Coffee, in an interview • Mr. Hay presented the information by telling a story using verbal narration, visual display, film.

The organizational structure of colleges and universities is an important guide to institutional activity, but not the only one. Scholars of higher education have developed a variety of multi-dimensional models of organizational behavior that also shed considerable light on college and university structure and process potential vulnerabilities in your workforce such as productivity or turnover. Benefits of workforce planning. Common reasons for workforce planning include: struggling with your business's workload; changing your operations based on regulatory changes, market changes or new technology; poor staff performance; achieving business growth

Program trading values, Fair value, index arbitrage values, and program trading probability graphs are updated daily. Index metrics include stock listings sorted by price change vs. the index, dividend yield, weight in the index, and capitalization. A calculator facilitates program trading what-if analyses On the other hand, it is known that: (6) Turnover = Value Added + Material costs + Other expenses And, (7) Value Added = Salaries + Profit + Depreciation. If it is assumed that the depreciation amount is negligible, in case of an unexpected outage, one can deduce: (8) CIC = Value Added + Perishable People analytics—the application of advanced analytics and large data sets to talent management—is going mainstream.Five years ago, it was the provenance of a few leading companies, such as Google (whose former senior vice president of people operations wrote a book about it).Now a growing number of businesses are applying analytics to processes such as recruiting and retention, uncovering. For years companies have invested in customer loyalty through programs, incentives, customer service operations and more. Meanwhile, not nearly as much attention has been placed on a segment that has proven, direct correlations to customer retention: employee engagement and loyalty. As we've done with customer loyalty, coupons, millennial loyalty and others, we felt it would be useful to.

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You might also suggest ways they can become more valuable to the company by adding skills to earn future raises. 2. Reduce Employee Turnover If you have significant turnover, you have excess costs in your operation due to the fees and salaries of those people engaged in the recruitment, selection, employment, and training of new employees In this case, the lost focus and control are evident. If Wal-Mart maintains its strengths, it can beat the main competitors and eventually minimize threats. Undoubtedly, the comprehensive programs of environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing should continue to function Here's an example of a contract termination letter. Example: Aug. 10, 2020. Dear Pete, This letter is to inform you that as of Oct. 1, 2020, we will no longer require your services. It has been a pleasure to work with you and Analytics Consulting Services, but due to our shift in business priorities, we have decided to terminate our contract This post offers reasons for using logarithmic scales, also called log scales, on charts and graphs. It explains when logarithmic graphs with base 2 are preferred to logarithmic graphs with base 10

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CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Case Studies - Financial Management. ESSENTIAL POINTS TO SOLVE CASE STUDIES Financial Management Financial Management is the process of acquiring funds optimally (at minimum cost possible keeping the risk factor also low) and utilising them in the best possible manner to maximise shareholders' wealth Options trading. Options are a flexible investment tool that can help you take advantage of any market condition. With the ability to generate income, help limit risk, or take advantage of your bullish or bearish forecast, options can help you achieve your investment goals Since we've been in business we have tried many softwares for billing. Aster Billing is one of the best from what we have tried till date. We have also recommended this software for at least 10 of our customers and they are all very happy with it.This is one of the best suited billing software for the practising professionals and we would recommend it to anyone Cost of Debt = $800,000 (1-20%) Cost of Debt = $800,000 (0.80) Cost of Debt = $640,000 Here, the cost of debt is $640,000.. The cost of debt measurement helps to find the financial condition of the company and also helps to know risk level of the company as if the debt of the company is high, then risk associated of the company will be high based on which investor take the decision of.

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I started with some commonly-encountered issues with respect to Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA), which is probably the most widely used ordination technique today. I then expanded the page to cover other ordination methods. I would be happy to entertain suggestions as to how to expand or modify this page in the future Currency Futures is one of the four derivative contacts. Given, your interest in investing in Currency Futures as provided by Zerodha, we have put up the Zerodha Currency Future Brokerage Calculator. The charge is a fixed rate of 0.03% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower

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